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Welcome to the Zelva region.

The settlement of Zelva was first mentioned in the Hypatian chronicle in the 13th century (1258). It means that next year the town of Zelva will celebrate the 750th anniversary. Fifty-four historical monuments, 12 species of architecture, 22 archeological sites survive in the Zelva region. The famous St. Anna Fair held in Zelva in the 18-19th centuries was known not only in Belarus but all over Europe. The fair was revived in 2001.

The basic industrial company of the region is the Cooperative Industry Integrated Plant. Despite the existing defaulters the plant has be meeting the forecast targets for industrial and consumer goods output.

The operation of trade outlets have been improving from year to year. The region develops various kinds of trade: fairs, sales exhibitions, itinerant trade, home-delivery service, sale of goods on credit.

The regional executive committee has been working hard to expand the list of paid services and to develop new services.

There are six Catholic churches and seven Orthodox churches in the Zelva region. The Catholic Church (early 16th century) in the village of Kremyanitsa and the Orthodox fortress-church (early 15th century) in the village of Synkovichi are the species of architecture of national improtance. 
There is the National State Biological Reserve Medukhovo and the game reserve Staroselsky in the region.

The Zelva water reservoir, the biggest in the Grodno oblast, is a favorite holiday spot of the locals. It occupies 1190 hectares. There is a park (54 hectares) and the childrens recuperation center Golubaya Volna on the shore of the reservoir.

The regional agrarian production has been gathering momentum. The agricultural companies have been implementing upgrade projects, improving farming standards, applying new technologies. Cattle breeding is the main industry of the Zelva region. Recently the cattle breeding output of the region has increased significantly.   

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Leonid Eliashevich,
the Chairman of the Zelva Regional Executive Committee

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